Jayuya Urbana Water Treatment Plant Improvements

Inspection of construction work, and coordination with Owner (PRASA), State, and Federal Agencies for compliance with regulations. Assisted the Consortium Manager, Construction Coordinator and PRASA Operations and Maintenance staff during the Pre-Startup, Start-Up, Commissioning and Transitional Contract-Close Out Phases of the Project.

This project consisted of the construction of a new river intake & reservoir, upstream the existing raw water intake facility, including micro-screens to control the raw water influent flow as per required by the DNER (Q99) and avoid the entrainment of suspended solids to protect the main raw water pumps.

The project also includes: the construction of a new raw water pipeline to connect the new intake to the existing raw water pump station, installation of three Flocculation & Sedimentation Package Units prior the existing Membrane Filtration Units, installation of new chemical injection equipment for coagulation and new monitoring equipment station, including flowmeters, pH meter, low & high range turbidimeters and streaming current analyzer for polymer doses optimization.

This project benefited approximately 12,500 residents in the Municipalities of Ciales, Jayuya, Ponce, Orocovis and Utuado.


Puerto Rico, Aqueduct and Sewers Authority (PRASA)


Sewage Systems Design


Jayuya, Puerto Rico






Program Management for Implementation of the Capital Improvement Program (CIP)

Improvement Program (CIP) contract consisted of providing construction management for over 100 construction or rehabilitation projects involving water/wastewater treatment facilities, pump stations, pipe installations, and residential, as well as commercial service connections. Professional services included ensuring compliance with the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations and Puerto Rico Department of Health (PRDOH) requirements. O&M consulting has been involved with the following projects:

  1. Sanitary Sewer System for Arcadio Maldonado and Coco Communities – Phase 2, Salinas, Puerto Rico ($10 M)
  2. Guayama Water Filter Plant Compliance Improvements, Guayama, PR ($7 M)
  3. Yauco Water Treatment Plant Expansion to 7.6 MGD – Phase I, Yauco, PR ($20 M)
  4. Design and Build of Sludge Treatment System Remediation Measures, and Installation of Flow Meters, Level Indicators, and De-Chlorinators – Phase II at South Region Water Filtration Plants, Puerto Rico ($4 M)
  5. Yahuecas Ward Water Supply System – 1.0 MGD Water Treatment Plant – Phase I, Adjuntas, Puerto Rico ($0.75 M)
  6. Design and Build for the Sanitary Sewer System at 25 de Julio Street and El Rosario Community, and Improvements to the Potable Water Supply System at 25 de Julio Street, Yauco, Puerto Rico ($3 M)
  7. Improvements to Lizas WTP Raw Water Intake, Maunabo, PR ($1 M)
  8. Construction of PRASA Annex Building at Ponce Region, Ponce, PR ($1.1 M)