Water Resources

A diverse range of water management and development solutions, from stormwater management to master plan development, and floodplain management.

The Water Resources Team at O&M possesses a wealth of experience in delivering a wide range of professional Water Resources Engineering services to municipal, county, state, and private clients. Their expertise enables them to tackle current and future water-related challenges, including flood protection, sea-level rise, groundwater rise, resiliency, and water quality impacts.

With a team of highly skilled engineers working across all major markets, O&M is dedicated to developing comprehensive, adaptable, and resilient solutions that prioritize human health and the environment. The latest analytical tools and sustainable best management practices (BMPs) are employed to deliver flood control, water quality improvements, and resilient and adaptable stormwater management systems. O&M is committed to working in partnership with clients to provide engineering solutions that effectively manage, conserve, and protect our valuable water resources for the present and future.